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Book Review: “The Blogging Church”

Posted by | March 30, 2007 .

“The Blogging Church: Sharing the Story of Your Church Through Blogs” By Brian Bailey, with Terry Storch (San Francisco: John Wiley & Sons,inc., 2007, 199 pages) This is an incredible book. Essential for all ministers and pastors interested in blogging as a possible media for ministry.    < –Read my complete review–> *Top

“The Everything Blogging Book”

Posted by | March 29, 2007 .

By Aliza Sherman Risdahl (Avon, MA: Adams Media/F+W Pub. Co., 2006, 305 pages) This is a comprehensive book on blogging. It starts at the beginning and defines what blogging is and introduces you to all the major terms that everyone uses and identifies the differences between blogs and regular websites. Next there are chapters helping […]

Purchasing Domains from Go Daddy- My Experience

Posted by | March 25, 2007 .

Looking for a site to purchase domains names from can be very confusing.  There are a number of bogus sites out there, lots of domain resellers and plenty of third party dealers.  Just Google:  ‘domains sellers’ and you will immediately see the problem. First of all, those in the know will tell you that it […]

Getting Started: Getting Domains from ‘Go Daddy’

Posted by | March 24, 2007 .

I just purchased 5 domains for Blogging Ministry from Go Daddy. The experience was not all that fun. I had purchased domains for my other blogs through Yahoo and it was quite fast and easy. However, Yahoo is actually a third party seller and not a direct accredited ICANN registrar. Also, most people in the […]

“Purchasing Domain names -What You Should Know”

Posted by | March 22, 2007 .

Here is a good article on purchasing domains. By John Kinney posted in the Entireweb Newsletter, Sept. 26, 2006. The site is full of advertising so it is somewhat hard to follow the post, but it is a great summary of important information about domains. Here is a second article on protecting domains. By Ross […]

Getting Started:"Blogging For Dummies"-Chapter 10

Posted by | March 21, 2007 .

by Brad Hill (Indianapolis, Indiana: Wiley Publishing. Inc., 2006, 368 pgs.) <<Read my review of the whole book>> Chapter 10: Blogging with WordPress This chapter is exceedingly helpful for those starting out with setting up a WordPress blog. It is far easier to use than the WordPress directory. It goes through all the procedures and […]

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