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Why Blogging? -A Bible Study Example

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For years I have taught Bible studies at church and in small home groups, usually to groups of from 10-50. Last year I decided to put a Bible study on the internet utilizing a blogging program. It is not a very successful site and certainly not well known nor even that impressive, but it was read by over 75 different people last week, plus more (an undetermined number) accessed it through 43 feeds. In addition, they came to the site from 9 different countries. All in the last 7 days.

Now here is the best part. Nearly every lesson that I have posted so far is read by someone every week. The first lesson that I wrote a year ago was read by someone in the UK. The point is, the same effort that you put into preparing to teach one class on one occasion, can be multiplied on the internet where the lesson can potentially be read by someone everyday for as long as you maintain your blog.

Through the use of a blogging tool, a Bible study lesson is posted and stored, and remains accessible internationally every day. For example: if you publish a lesson on Mark 1, the major search engines take note and the next time someone uses a search engine looking for a teaching on Mark 1, your post can be one of those listed and linked to in the search results.

Eventually your blog can gain a following that repeatedly comes back for your lessons every week. With most blogging tools, readers can subscribe to your site and be notified of every update or receive a feed from your site and read your latest in a location of their choosing.

See the next post: “Getting Started with Blogger“. It evaluates how easy it is to get started on Blogger.com and weighs the good and not so good.

By the way, I post short Bible study lessons usually a passage at a time @ ANSWERS For The Faith and then organize the lessons in chapter form and place them on my @ BIBLE Study blog. Take a look, it should encourage you. You ought to be able to do better!                *Top

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2 Comments so far
  1. reynaldo October 18, 2010 11:45 am

    blogging is good just get into the flow of gods spirit and the power of god will move mountains

  2. Christian Business March 23, 2012 4:29 am

    Blogging is one example of how we can take web technologies and use them to touch others’ lives and win them to the Gospel