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Why Blogging?

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Soon nearly every family in America rich or poor will have a computer or access to one and/or a tablet or cell phone with access to the internet. Internationally, the internet is growing at a phenomenal rate. As a media for ministry the potential is really unlimited.

It is really amazing how many people can be reached and how many nations can be touched by a very simple ministry located on the World Wide Web. Blogging is one of the easiest and least expensive ways to enter the world of world-wide ministry through the internet.

A year ago I barely knew how to even use a computer. Now I have 9 blogs which are read by more than 1000 people per week from all over the world. Actually folks from nearly 200 different countries have logged into my sites so far. Some from places that I have never heard of.

This is really not very remarkable; anyone should be able to get this far in a year. You see I am really a technophobe and the whole thing has been a struggle and it still is at times. The point is if an old Luddite like me can get this far, anyone can. In fact most should be able to be far more successful than I have been.

Actually none of my sites are much more than a small blip on the World Wide Web, yet as a ministry, I am reaching more people than I ever thought was possible.               *Top

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