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Why Blogging? -A Ministry or A Hobby?

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Millions of people are involved in blogging, look at blogs everyday, and search the internet. There are 10s of millions of blogs that post about religion and proudly wear the title of ‘Godblogs’ and probably even more websites that can be identified as religious.

Many of those sites are produced by the writers as a hobby, and then there are other sites which are obviously designed to be an internet ministry. Sometimes the lines are blurred, there are many hobby sites that really do minister to people.

I currently have 9 blogs. Only 6 of the sites are designed to be a ministry for sure. The other 3 are mixed. I have a Movies-TV Blog on which I review the movies that I see and some of the TV programs I watch. Even though I feature and evaluate religious content in the movies and on TV, it is more of a hobby site. I only look at stuff that interests me personally. I do have links to the Christianity Today and Focus on The Family sites which offer movie reviews on everything out there. So it is also a site which offers a service to Christians.

The same is essentially true of my Book Reviews blog. My home/blog was started as a ministry but sometimes I post on political issues and current news events from a Christian perspective.

The point is, what really makes a blog or website a ministry? I believe that it is a matter of intent and Divine annointing. If you really do want your blog or website to minister to people; then you bring the Lord on-board in the process and remember to ask him for wisdom and his Holy Spirit to help you, guide you, and bless the people who come to your site.              *Top

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