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“A World Wide Web of Worship”

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There is an interesting article in the Washington Post about Worship on the Web. It starts out talking about how religion in general has become an important part of the web experience. Here is a short quote:

” “The first wave of religion online, in the 1990s, was mainly for nerds and young people and techies,” said Morten Hojsgaard, a Danish author who has written extensively about online religion. “But now it really is a mirror of society at large. This is providing a new forum for religious seekers.”

Hojsgaard said the number of Web pages dealing with God, religion and churches increased from 14 million in 1999 to 200 million in 2004. Religion now nearly rivals sex as a topic on the Internet: A search for “sex” on Google returns about 408 million hits, while a search for “God” yields 396 million.

The boom in online religion comes at a time when people, especially the young, are questioning traditional institutions,…”

The rest of the article is really about India and how religion and worship on the internet has become an important part of daily life among the technically savvy younger set. It also points out that many transplanted Indians in Europe and America turn to the internet for their Hindu worship and for prayers.

I believe that this article really points out the vast potential for world wide ministry and evangelism through the internet. It is time for more Christians to get involved.              *Top

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