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Getting Started: Getting Domains from ‘Go Daddy’

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I just purchased 5 domains for Blogging Ministry from Go Daddy. The experience was not all that fun. I had purchased domains for my other blogs through Yahoo and it was quite fast and easy. However, Yahoo is actually a third party seller and not a direct accredited ICANN registrar. Also, most people in the know say that it is best to buy your domains from one source and host your sites/blogs with another.

So when I wanted to lock in all the community addresses related to bloggingministry.com, I searched on the web for an accredited ICANN registrar. I also wanted the best deal from the most reliable source possible. Go Daddy seemed to offer the best deal for purchasing 5 domains.

So then I searched the web for Go Daddy complaints (I googled: “go daddy complaints”)
Go Daddy had a few more complaints than I was comfortable with, however nearly all the problems had to do with hosting. Since I am not going to host a major site with Go daddy, just a ‘free’ test blog, I went ahead with the purchase.

Read the account of my experiences in registering with them. It is posted on my new ‘free’ Go Daddy Quick Blog.             *Top

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