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Purchasing Domains from Go Daddy- My Experience

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Looking for a site to purchase domains names from can be very confusing.  There are a number of bogus sites out there, lots of domain resellers and plenty of third party dealers.  Just Google:  ‘domains sellers’ and you will immediately see the problem.

First of all, those in the know will tell you that it is always best to register your domains with a direct registrar that is accredited by the ICANN.  Also it is good to check for any complaints on the internet.  Even good companies will have some and Go Daddy has its share.

I used them to purchase domains for The Blogging Ministry because they were a direct accredited ICANN registrar and they had a good deal with all sorts of extras for the purchase of 5 or more domains.  A Quick Blog site and the hosting for it came at no extra charge.   Also they offer 24/7 support which is an important feature to look for.

Previously I had purchased all my domains from Yahoo which is also the host for most of my blogs.  However, Yahoo is a third party seller and not a direct ICANN registrar.  In addition they charge a larger yearly fee for each domain.  The one good thing about Yahoo is how easy it is to get a domain from them, lots easier then Go Daddy.
The Go Daddy website was a little confusing at first and took some time to explore before I found the domain deal that was best for me.  When I was signing up, the program wasn’t all that easy and didn’t seem to want to give me the free stuff I was promised.  I had to manually click on the all features that were promised, and they were finally added on at no additional charge.

At the present,  I am happy with the deal even if it took me longer to set up than it should have.     *Top

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