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Getting Started with TypePad -An Evaluation

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I signed up and started a TypePad blog as a test. It was actually very easy and the results were quite stunning. There are a number of very good reasons to use TypePad as your blogging platform:

1. The Cost is minimal.  $8.95/mo. for the starting package, even a free trial @ 14 days (5/15) which is a great way to get started blogging, learn, and decide later.

2. It is fast and easy. Using the basic default settings you can get started in 30 minutes. If you are particular like me and you want to view a bunch of template possibilities, it could take an hour or so. It took me 1hr 30 minutes to set up this site the way that it is.  I only clicked on the ‘Help’ button once.

3. It has all of the important features that the more advanced programs have.  Most of the features are built in or can be added easily as plug-ins/widgets.  One very good feature, you can easily configure the sidebar through click and drag.  You can also add any kind of list to your blog including a blogroll very quickly.

4. Public or Private blog? You can choose to publish a public site which can and will be viewed internationally. Or you can produce a site that is Privateaccessible only by those you choose–or maybe a small group ( like: Church staff, Bible Study, Youth Group, Missionary Org. & etc.).

5. Posting to the site is easy and the editor is loaded with all the needed features and then some. It even has a spell check built in which the more sophisticated Word Press that I use on my other sites doesn’t give you to start.

6.  A TypePad blog looks great and is always readable.  All sorts of books and manuals are available to help make your blog more unique.  You can upgrade the hosting and even get your own domain address.  Some of the most famous sites in the blogosphere use Typepad.

7. TypePad is part of SixApart which produces the MovableType program and also hosts Livejounal and VOX.   So they are a major player and there is almost no possibility that this host will quit or go out of business anytime soon.  Also the tech. support is built in and easy to request.

Here are a couple of not so good points:

1. TypePad owns the domain you are publishing on so you are always somewhat limited in what you can do with the site. You can however get your own domain address and point it at your TypePad address to give yourself and your users an easier to remember URL (domain address).

2. TypePad does own the domain so if you decide to move your blog to another host, you will lose your blog address, links, and much of your traffic. You can move your files to another address and republish, but you will need to maintain your old site in order to direct visitors to your new location and maintain the links to all your old posts.

3. No real static pages. It does give you a permanent ‘About’ page where you can post a lot of stuff about yourself and your blog.  Large articles or organizational documents have to be hosted elsewhere and linked to. You could however link to your TypePad blog from a permanent website.

Nevertheless, TypePad is a really great looking platform that is extremely easy to use.  It could be utilized by a large variety of different groups, ministries, and churches. Plus the price for what you get is very low.           *Top

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