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Re: Internet ‘Confessional’ Sites -A Potential for Ministry?

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Until I read this article, I had no idea that thousands of people everyday were confessing their sins on the internet. Thousands sense a lack and a need in their lives and are turning to the internet for answers and absolution?

My first reaction is horror and sadness that so many are really seeking God in their lives and don’t really know it. Instead they find some kind of human band aid to pacify the hurt and receive some kind of justification and faux forgiveness through the comments of other online seekers.

I believe that this points out a potential niche for Christian ministries to participate in on the internet. Individuals could provide ministry through posting comments. Organizations might consider sponsoring a ‘Christian’ confessional site where the importance of seeking God is stressed and approaching him in prayer is emphasized and encouraged.

Here is a report of at least one Christian site that is currently ministering in this way.             *Top

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