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Why Blogging?: It’s "What People Need From Their Pastors"

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Why Blogging? Because God and his son Jesus Christ need equal time in the blogosphere.

Pastors have so little real time to influence their people and blogging can extend and increase the opportunity to share the Gospel and the Christian world view not only with their own congregation, but also with anyone else who happens to come across the site. Best of all, blogging can literally be done at anytime, and the time investment is minimal compared with the possible results.

View this great video that I came across at Carl Thomas’ Revival Blog. It is less than three minutes long and more than worth the time:

“What People Need From Their Pastors” -John Piper (2:40 min.)

This video is for you Pastor, but there is all sorts of great stuff like this that you can share with your people on a blog. Why should the ol’ adversary have all the great media?

Got this at Google Video, there is all sort of good Christian stuff there along with everything else under the sun. You just have to search for them. John Piper has over 500 listed! *Top

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2 Comments so far
  1. Carl May 14, 2008 1:39 am

    Thanks for the hat tip. There is so much good stuff out there for people of faith it is hard to select one thing to post.

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