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Movie and Book Reviews as an Outreach

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One of the comments that I run across time and again when folks are talking about ministry and outreach through blogging is the problem of Christian blogs becoming ‘ghettoized’. So much of the material on Christian blogs is written for and read solely by other Christians.

If you are hoping that your blog will reach out beyond the Christian community, one of the best ways to achieve that possibility is to write articles on subjects that a variety of people might be interested to read. In my own experience I have found that when I write movie and book reviews on my blog that I attract a diverse and even an international audience.

I woke up to this fact last year when I did a review on the movie: "The Omen", a movie I really did not like, but was talked into seeing. After putting up the review, my blog stats more than doubled and had an international audience. Soon I discovered that most of the traffic came from Google and for some inexplicable reason if you searched for a review of The Omen at the time, my review was the #1 link on page one for a week or so. Later that month I did a review on a crazy but fun comedy called "Nacho Libre" and had similar results. After that, the traffic on my Blog Movie-TV reviews page showed a permanent increase.

I have experienced similar results from writing book reviews. While most of the reviews I write are about Christian books, the greatest traffic always seems to come from the reviews that I do on popular fiction and on books about blogging. Last year I reviewed "The Alchemist" by Paulo Coelho. I am still receiving traffic on that one.

Now how does writing a few reviews constitute some kind of outreach? People who visit new blogs often sample several articles. By increasing the numbers and diversity of those visiting a blog, the potential for influence, outreach, and real ministry is increased exponentially. If visitors like what they read they might even subscribe to your feed and become regulars.              *Top

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