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What is RSS?

Posted by | December 29, 2007 .

Among the many confusing terms that you run into when you are just starting out in the blogosphere is “RSS”. Yet this term is of prime importance to understand if you are going to expand the influence of your blogging ministry. What is RSS? Simply defined it stands for : Really Simple Syndication But what […]

Merry Christmas!

Posted by | December 25, 2007 .

May the Lord bless you and give you peace and joy this Christmas.

Book Review: “WordPress Complete”

Posted by | December 10, 2007 .

"A comprehensive, step-by-step guide on how to set up, customize, and market your blog using WordPress" By Hasin Hayder (Birmingham, UK: Packt Pub. Ltd., 2006, 289 pages) This really is the most ‘complete’ book on the WordPress blogging platform. It has chapters on all the elementary stuff for beginners, how to get started and how […]

Starting Out: What to Do and Not to Do!

Posted by | December 2, 2007 .

Here is a couple of good articles that I found on Daily Blog Tips with suggestions which should be helpful to those starting out. The first article comes from DailyBits: "8 Bad Decisions When Starting a New Website" While this article is keyed to websites in general it is valid in most cases for blogs, […]