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Interview with a Virtual Ministry?

Posted by | January 26, 2008 .

Over at BlogMinistry, Dan Lee has (*unfortunately link no longer works) an interesting interview with Mark Brown who has launched an Anglican Cathedral built in the virtual world of ‘Second Life’. They currently conduct 5 services a week and a Bible study. What an innovative ministry. Here’s a new link to the Anglican Cathedral website/blog. […]

Blogging: Getting Better Organized

Posted by | January 12, 2008 .

I took some time this week to figure out a way to get better organized in my Blogging. I have a system where I write down ideas during the day for articles or making changes in my blogs. It’s a great system accept I misplace or lose some of the notes and when they do […]

2008: Blogging Goals

Posted by | January 1, 2008 .

If you are serious about blogging and doing some kind of ministry on the Internet, it is vital to have some kind of plan. Even if you’re only casual, like most of us, in your blogging habits it is important to have some goals and a program in place in order to maximize your efforts. […]