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Blogging: Getting Better Organized

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I took some time this week to figure out a way to get better organized in my Blogging.

I have a system where I write down ideas during the day for articles or making changes in my blogs. It’s a great system accept I misplace or lose some of the notes and when they do show up it is sometimes too late to blog on the idea.

Also, I find ideas and articles to spin off of on the net and bookmark them. But my list of bookmarks gets so long that some of the best possibilities gets lost in the crowd.

Sometimes I find articles on blogs that I would like to comment on but don’t have time at that moment. Then later I forget about them.

Another thing that I have noticed is my inconsistency in posting. Some weeks ideas just flow and one post after another just flies up on the front page while other times nothing falls into place and before you know it a week or so has gone by.

This is a particularly acute problem for me since I have 4 major blogs that I manage and post to and 5 other minor specialty blogs that receive less attention. Also, I have set posting goals for each blog in 2008.

I came across a good idea at DailyBlogTips, they suggest using a large white erase board for organizing blog ideas. I adjusted the idea to my own situation.

I do all my blogging at the kitchen table in the family room, that way I can be in close proximity with my wife and take care of family business as necessary. Like take out the trash, unscrew that hard to open jar, or talk about what we are going to do over the weekend. It keeps peace in the family and wife doesn’t feel like a ‘blogging widow’. However, there is no big wall to place an erase board or at least none that my sweetheart would allow it on.

Solutions:  I took a trip to Office Depot and to Staples this week and picked up the following:

1. Erase Calendar 81/2 x 11- To write and keep tract of where and what day I have posted on.

With one glance I can see that I have posted only 2 articles this week to my ANSWERS blog and only one to CHARISMATICA and nothing to the others. I can also see that the last time I posted to APOLOGETICA was Sat. 1/5 and the last article to this blog was posted on Tues. 1/1. This is going to be a very helpful tool.

2. 81/2 x 11 Yellow pad to write and organize on, instead of the large white board, more practical for me. Though I am still looking for a small erase sheet that will fit into a notebook.

3. Small 5 x 8 Yellow pads to jot down notes and ideas on. Also, to jot down a reminder of every article that I have bookmarked for possible posting on or responding to with comments.

4. A Three-Ring Notebook  -with slots in the front and back to slide the calendar and yellow pad into.

5. Notebook Dividers with pockets to put notes in.

Now I have some place to put all my notes, a way to organize all my bookmarks and keep track of articles I want to comment on. Also, on the calendar, I can immediately see whether I am meeting my blogging goals for the year.

Best of all, my wife is going to be much happier with the way it all looks in the family room. No more stacks and scattered scraps of paper (that look like trash) with valuable blogging notes within.

All of it is now well organized and contained in one lovely ‘simulated leather’ dark blue 3 ring notebook with dividers and handy pockets.           *Top

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