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Re: "Windows Live Writer"

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Windows Live Writer

I was introduced to Windows Live Writer, a new desktop editor for blogging, at the BlogWorld Expo in November 2007. All the publicity about the program seemed too good to be true. However, I have found the off-line editor to be far better than than my wildest expectations. I have been able to use ‘Windows Live Writer’ to draft, post, and fully edit all 9 of my blogs from one desktop window. I have been using ‘the writer’ to publish on all of my blogs since November.

‘The writer’ features a WYSIWYG editor that automatically configures to the settings on your blog. It makes it very easy to insert pictures, maps, tables and video. In my case, it is simply incredible since all of my main sites use WordPress programs which are famous for making it difficult to do those tasks. Now all I have to do is ‘right click-save-and paste’ pictures, images, or video and ‘the writer’ automatically uploads the inserts for you and supplies the proper code on the page.

I have also found ‘the writer’ to be easier to use in editing and making changes in past blog posts than the blog editor. What is really wonderful, it is all done off-line which means that you can write articles and edit them even when and where there’s no available network. Then later you can upload and publish them later when your connected once more. Also, gone are those frustrating experiences when the network goes down while you are writing on-line and you lose everything you have written.

‘The Writer’ supports and can be used with all of the major blogging programs—Windows Live Spaces, SharePoint, WordPress, Blogger, LiveJournal, TypePad, Moveable Type, Community Server, and many others.

Here is a link to the Windows Essentials 2012 website where you can download the latest edition of Writer. There are a number of different programs in the bundle but you are able to choose just what you want. The 2012 edition works on Vista and even Windows 8 which I now have. Oh yes, I forgot to tell you the best part–the Windows Live Writer is FREE–available for 0–ZIP–Nada!

Also here’s the Wikipedia article on ‘the Writer’.


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