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An Anniversary Observed

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I started blogging two years ago on March 5, 2006.

image The original idea was to start a blog as an actual ministry on the Internet. I figured that I would teach a Bible study, have a Bible Q & A site, and respond to current events from a Christian perspective.

Along the way the original blog has expanded to 8 sites and usually I am way over my head with all the technical stuff. Sometimes I have gotten off track and have forgotten the original vision. Sometimes it has been more like a hobby. Sometimes it has been a burden. But sometimes I remember to include the Lord in what I am doing and it is actually a blessing. It has definitely been an interesting ride so far. There have been ups and downs, but mostly ups and many blessings in the process.

This month also marks the first anniversary of this blog–Blogging Ministry. The original idea was to write about the ‘Hows and whys of using a blog for ministry’ with articles on helpful hints and info. on how to get started.

Interestingly, I didn’t even bother to check out what was already out there and whether there was even a need for a blog like this.

The first Saturday in March 2007, ideas for this blog just began flowing and I jotted down an outline for the first twenty posts. I came up with the name–Blogging Ministry and found the domain available, downloaded a WordPress program, and posted my first article all in one day.

The next day I googled ‘blogging ministry’ and ‘ministry using a blog’ and found a lot of different sites out there including an excellent blog with a name almost the same as mine–I almost flushed the whole thing.

After looking at some of the other blogs, I found that most were technically superior, with the writers showing far more knowledge about the Internet, blogging, and all the technical stuff that goes along with it.

I decided that there was room after all for a ‘technophobe’ like me who could show others who know nothing like I did when I started out. I figured that I could post about stuff as I discover it and give hope to those who know even less than I do.

It is my hope that in the last year that something on this blog has been helpful to someone along the way toward doing some kind of ministry through blogging. At least I’ve had fun in the process, God Bless!


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2 Comments so far
  1. Connie Hughey May 14, 2008 12:05 am

    YES! Your site has been a great encouragement to me as I have begun to explore blogging as a ministry. It all started with an idea of blogging to share our family’s story about how the Lord has worked in us while raising a handicapped child. I googled blogging ministry one day and found your site! Thank you for your help…I hope that one day, after I get things going, that I will be a blessing to others as you have been to me.

  2. Dr.D May 14, 2008 12:11 am

    Thanks Connie:
    Personal blogs like yours reach more people and encourage more folks than you can ever realize or fully appreciate. keep up the good work sharing your family testimony–it is a real ministry to others.
    You certainly have encouraged me today!
    God Bless you and your family,