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Evaluating The Effectiveness of Your Internet Ministry

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I found a good article on The Internet Ministry Conference Blog: "Is Your Internet Ministry Effective? Have You Checked?"

Here is my take on the subject:

There are many different ways to gauge whether your Internet ministry is effective or not. A lot depends on your goals, objectives, and reasons you put up a site in the first place.

If your website is merely an internal communication tool, than the effectiveness can easily be evaluated by just asking the members of your group how they view and use it.

However, if your site or blog was intended to reach out and minister to anyone who happens to show up, than it is very helpful to know whether anyone out there is actually showing up, and what they do when they get there.

1.  One way to rate whether it is effective, is the response received through email inquires, and comments.

2.  Another important method is to keep track of all the external links or trackbacks to your site and articles. Technorati and TTLB are great helps in this area.

3.  Also, is the daily traffic to your site actually growing? What articles or resources on your site receive the most hits? How did your visitors find you and where did they come from.

It really is fun to keep track of all the different countries that your visitors come from—at the writing of this article, folks from 153 different nations have visited my ministry blogs.

Free tools like Site Meter and Google Analytics can answer all of these questions and more.            *Top

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