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Re: Alltop-aggregator par excellence

Posted by | October 26, 2008 .

Alltop is an aggregator that attempts to feature  “all the top” sites on the web. What does that have to do with blog or Internet ministry? One of the major categories that they aggregate is called: Modern Church: News for pastors, ministers, and church staff. <<Click on the link and take a look. There are […]

Choosing a Domain Name for Your Ministry

Posted by | October 18, 2008 .

?.com .net .org .info .us? Here’s an article with some good tips on choosing the best domain name for your Internet ministry: “The Beginning of your Internet ministry: A Domain Name”  @eMinister Blog Related Posts: “Purchasing Domain names -What You Should Know” Getting Started: Getting Domains from ‘Go Daddy’ Resource Site: “ministrypool: online stuff for […]

Ministry Today: "Got Blog?"

Posted by | October 15, 2008 .

Here is an article published on Ministry Today Magazine: “Got Blog”,  by John Brandon. It is a short article to help ministers get started blogging. The three main topics: 1. Why Blog? The writer gives good reasons why someone in the ministry might consider blogging as an extension of their ministry. 2. Choose Your Weapon […]

Featured Blog: "Blogging Basics 101"

Posted by | October 7, 2008 .

Here’s a blog dedicated to the basics of blogging: Blogging Basics 101. I found this site among those writing about Blog World Expo 2008 which I attended last month. There is some great info. to be gleaned off the articles about the expo. Also, there’s all sorts of good stuff in the archives including a […]

10 Commandments for Bloggers

Posted by | October 1, 2008 .

The following 10 commandments came from a conference of Godblogs in the Uk held by the Evangelical Alliance on 23 September. The gathering of Christian bloggers gave the conferees an opportunity to network and think through a Christian approach to blogging. The ten cyberspace commandments: You shall not put your blog before your integrity. You […]