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Ministry Today: "Got Blog?"

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Here is an article published on Ministry Today Magazine: “Got Blog”,  by John Brandon. It is a short article to help ministers get started blogging. The three main topics:

1. Why Blog?

The writer gives good reasons why someone in the ministry might consider blogging as an extension of their ministry.

2. Choose Your Weapon

John Brandon presents the three most popular blogging platforms and the best for beginners: TypePad, Blogger, and WordPress.com. Brandon likes TypePad, which is a great program, but personally I think WordPress is the best. This is of course a rather subjective evaluation–everyone has their favorite. I do have one TypePad blog and one Blogger, but the other 9 are WordPress.

3. The Dos and Don’ts of Blogging

The writer ends up with suggestions about what to do with a blog once you get it. Brandon lists one major rule:

There’s one simple blogging rule for beginners: Blog often

There is also a good quote from Dr. Mark D. Roberts who started blogging as a pastor and became a successful and influential ministry blogger:

“A blog will attract readers if it offers something of substance to the blogosphere. For this to happen, the bloggers need to write on subjects about which they have some actual knowledge and expertise. Lots of new blogs include several bloggers, which allows a blog to have plenty of content without killing off the solo writer.”

The article ends up with suggestions on how blogging is like any other ministry activity and requires planning, a budget,  and involvement to be successful. The good part— it has the potential to become a real ministry that impacts many people for God—some who could not be reached any other way.            *Top

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  1. Lokesh February 3, 2009 11:38 am

    Hi, This post is gives good news about blogging.