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Writing Titles for Your Posts–Some Good Suggestions

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Here’s a good article from DailyBlogTips: “Write Your Titles CAREFULLY and AFTER the Post

Daniel Scocco writes that titles are important and more time and effort should be given to composing the best possible headline for a post. It is a fact that most decide whether to read an article or not based upon the title alone.

Daniel suggests that you put off writing the title till after you have completed the post–maybe start out with a ‘draft title’ instead. Composing the title after the post is written allows the writer to spend more time coming up with an appropriate title that will attract readers and reflect the entire contents and direction of the article.

This is really good advice. Lots of times I wish that I had been more careful in writing titles for some my posts–that I had taken the time to compose titles that were more appropriate for the actual contents.

Sometimes I have written posts that have ended up going in an entirely different direction than initially intended and left the original title in place. There have even been a couple of occasions when the title was so bad that I desperately changed it after it was already published while leaving the permalink (which contained the old title) in place.

Some even suggest that a writer needs to put as much effort into the title as the post itself. At the very least, one should allow enough time for the creative juices to flow and imagination to kick in.            *Top

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1 Comment so far
  1. Bollywood News September 7, 2014 5:35 am

    Yeah… i also think that after completing the post,, title should be decided…
    as u dont know how the post will shape up…