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Updating or Changing Posts?

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Have you ever read a post on your blog a couple of days later (after publishing) and found words or spelling that needed to be changed? I just make the changes and usually go on down the road unless my mistake has been pointed out in a reader’s comment.

Mostly these amount to word usage mistakes that weren’t caught by the spell check–like there or their, to and too, accept and except, effect and affect. These type of changes are usually no big deal and really don’t affect the message.

Other times there are links in older posts that no longer work, these should to be noted or changed–dropped links can give your blog seo penalties. However, if you have thousands of old posts like I do they mostly go unnoticed.

Once in a while, the info you may have relied upon may have been incorrect, or subsequent changes make the information wrong or obsolete. It is always good to make the changes and note the *updated information. Some folks just strike through the old and add the new, regardless of your method of choice, changes of this type should probably be noted in some way.

Why make changes at all?

If you are running a regular blog program, all of your articles, even those you posted last month, last year, or years ago are still on the Internet and search engines like Google are still giving links to them all. When I check the referral clicks on my Site Meter it’s always amazing to me how many of my older articles are still being read every day.

Here’s another reason to make a change or an update–sometimes you may even no longer agree with what you wrote in the past, yet folks are still reading what you said two years ago.

Here’s a link to a great article on this subject by PROBLOGGER with a number of different solutions: "Updating Old Posts On Your Blog"          *Top 

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