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Re: "Favicon Generator"

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Here’s a link to a site that can help you make a “favicon” for your blog. Quite a clever tool:

Favicon Generator

What is a “favicon”? It’s that little symbol or icon that shows up in front of your URL address. Take a look above at my URl, I made that little red cross with an A using the favicon generator tool on the site above–crude but fun! I actually made it for my ANSWERS For The Faith blog but liked it so much I put it up on this one too.

If your blog is hosted on Blogger, WordPress.com, or TypePad you already have one automatically generated by your web host like the ones under the post title. Also, you do not have access to the code on these hosted sites so will not be able to make your own custom favicon.

Process: After making the icon, you save it on your computer than upload it to the root directory of your website. Then place the following code on the code page for your ‘header’:

 <LINK REL="SHORTCUT ICON" HREF="http://www.yourwebsite.com/favicon.ico" />

Make sure you replace “http://www.yourwebsite.com/favicon.ico” with the exact address of where you uploaded your icon.

Actually this was far easier than I expected. If you’ve fooled around with your blog code before and uploaded images, plugins, and themes you should be able to get it.

Notice that the generator also has a color palette generator that gives you the code for any color you might click on, quite a handy tool that I’ll probably use in the future when I’m looking for that special color.

Google also has a favicon generator and WordPress.org has a ‘Favicon Generator’ plugin available but not highly rated (1 star). I haven’t tried out either of those yet–I’ll have to report back later on those apps.           *Top

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