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Facebook Jihad

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Facebook, Inc.

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I found this on the Persecution blog, originally posted on Jihad Watch:

Muslims hack “Christians on Facebook” site, change its name to “There is no god but Allah and Muhammad is his prophet”

Todd Snider, whose pro-Israel site on Facebook was hacked and destroyed by Hizballah supporters, is not alone: the Facebook Jihad is breaking out all over.

“UPDATE #2: Religious hack attack against Christianity seen on Facebook,” by Rick C. Hodgin for TGDaily, March 11 (thanks to Religion of Peace):

Chicago (IL) – The Facebook group, Christians On Facebook, has become the latest target of attack for hackers who are posting pro-Islam messages. At 11:15am CDT today, the group’s name was changed to “La ilaha illallahu Muhammadur Rasulullah”, which means “There is no god but Allah; Muhammad is the messenger of Allah.” Since then the name has changed no fewer than ten times.

The Christians on Facebook group itself has over 327,000 members from all variations of the Christian faith. This channel or group hack appears to have been designed to replace the fundamental tenants of Christianity with those of Islam.

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Response: A rather sinister reminder that Christians are not the only ones hoping to spread their message on the Internet. Facebook in particular seems to be vulnerable to these kind of attacks. I have heard of at least one other ministry that lost control of their Facebook page and the Facebook folks were not very helpful at all.

Also, this points out the importance of coming up with hard to hack passwords. Christian sites are famous for using New Testament names and verses.           *Top

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