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100,000+ Britons Download Certificates of ‘Debaptism’

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image Over 100,000 Britons have downloaded a ‘Certifcate of Debaptism’ from the National Secular Society (NSS) in the UK to publicly demonstrate their separation from Christianity. The majority were baptized into the Church of England as infants and now as adults have decided to reject the church.

According to the article, similar movements are spreading to other countries, including a well organized move against Catholicism in Argentina.

Response: This is a rather sad use of the Internet. Of coarse we are hoping on this site to encourage Christians to use the Internet in bringing folks to Christ and spreading Christianity.

This is a good reminder that other groups and religions are actively promoting their views and ideology. It really is important for Christians and ministries to have a pro-active presence on the world-wide web as a counter-balance to all the junk that’s out there.            *Top

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  2. […] 100,000+ Britons Download Certificates of ‘Debaptism’ (bloggingministry.com) […]