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Lies on the Internet from Christian Sites?

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A couple of years ago I was checking out the Internet to see what there was on a church organization that I belong too. I was completely shocked to find so much inaccurate material, and some down right malicious statements about several key leaders that I have known for over 20 years–a bunch of lies mixed in with some nearly truthful highly slanted innuendoes. Amazing!

What was really even more disturbing, the organization has tried to get the offending parties to correct their articles to no avail–and these were ‘Christian’ websites.

We won’t even talk about politics and the Internet as a source of damaging fallacious rumor! Most everyone is already aware of the lies when it comes to politics on the web.

But Christian sites really do answer to a higher power and there is an inherent expectation for truthfulness. Yet I do run across inaccurate ungracious and some downright mean stuff all the time, mostly on blogs. It always makes me wonder how visiting unbelievers react to all of our Christian ‘dirty linen’?

Here’s an interesting article by Doug Wead that got me thinking about this issue:  “Glenn Hauman and lies on the internet

A fascinating article about Wead trying to get inaccurate statements against him personally on the Internet corrected with little or no success. Also, the saga of several others in the same boat—an incredible story! Well Worth a read.            *Top

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