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Create Your Own Social Network for Your Church or Ministry Group

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Create your own ‘social network’ for your church members, ministry, or youth group. Here’s a free service that gets it done:  Grou.ps  Or for a small fee, Ning is always a good option.

Why have your own network and not use Facebook or MySpace –after all lot’s of folks are already on those networks? It is a matter of connecting to your own group in a special way that doesn’t include a whole lot of other stuff that divert attention away from the church or group members getting to know one another better and actually sharing with one another. Also you can feature church or group activities and keep everyone informed on stuff that coming up soon.

Here’s one minister’s networking experience:

“It’s been really great getting people to create profiles, share their testimonies and post photos of church events.   We also use it to mass communicate with our members.   Many members have created their own small groups and have organized some really cool things on the network.  Most churches try to identify small group needs and invent small groups.  This social network is a great place for them to happen organically.  It definitely has been a tool to help people come together and get to know one another.”


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2 Comments so far
  1. […] Create Your Own Social Network for Your Church or Ministry Group […]

  2. Ruben Rasaili January 11, 2011 6:39 pm

    Dear Man of God,

    Greetings to you in Jesus name from Nepal.

    Praise the Lord for He is greater than evrythings above Heaven and earth. Everythingg, He can do and in His will. What we pray, He Provides in His Time. We just have to wait in Prayers.

    Sir, I am Pastor Ruben Rasaili. Just from last December 2010, I have started my new Vision with Church. God spoke on me while I was Praying to go- preach and built healthy Church.
    Before I was a President in Youth Ministry of Nepal- Voice of YOuth Network- Nepal. and Now after God spoke upon Me I begin My Church in 10 year Vision and Prayers to have 500 pure and Healthy True Worshipper in my Church from where Widow be cared, Orphan sing Choir and His glory, and Unreached place be preached by Youths.

    So, If you have a similar vision, Let’s Pray together for NEpal.

    Waiting your response in Jesus name I ask Him and Pray: Amen

    Pastor Ruben Rasaili
    Smyrna Church, Nepal.