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Book Review: “WordPress for Dummies, 2nd Edition”

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By Lisa Sabin-Wilson (Hoboken,NJ: Wiley Publishing, Inc., 2009, 394 pages)

Second Edition is quite an improvement over the already excellent original. It is the essential book for those using WordPress in publishing a blog. This edition is updated to feature version 2.7+ which reflects the last major program change.

The writer introduces one to the basic WordPress blogging program. Then follows with a section covering the WordPress hosted service, next a section on how to set up a ’self-hosted’ blog with the WordPress.org program, and finally, a chapter covering the WordPress MU program used in setting up and hosting entire blogging communities.

This is a great book for all those starting out with WordPress and explains in detail everything one needs to know to properly administer and publish on a blog using the program. For those who have been around a while, it outlines procedures for adding plugins and widgets to a WordPress site—also where to find the best WP themes.

Then, for the more advanced blogger, the book gives tips and procedures for making a blog unique and shows how to customize themes and templates. In easy to understand fashion, the writer presents all the basic CSS code needed to make changes that will make your WP blog different from all the rest.

WordPress For Dummies 2nd Edition is the most complete manual for using any WP program to date– providing good detailed help no matter whether you are just starting out, been doing it for a while, or more advanced—this is now the one essential book.

If you are just starting out however, you might also consider getting: "Building a WordPress Blog People Want to Read" by Scott McNulty. It is the easiest and best illustrated book on WordPress for complete beginners though it does reflect the earlier WP 2.6 rather than the current version. Nevertheless, WordPress For Dummies 2nd Edition is the best single overall book for all WP purposes.           *Top

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