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Response: Time to Tune-up and Recommit

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image Last weekend I attended the Christian Web Conference at Biola University. After a week of marinating in some of the lessons and info gained from that valuable experience I will use this weekend as a time of evaluation and new commitment to the task.

The last 3 years I have used the aftermath of the conference as a time to evaluate exactly what I am currently doing and how it measures up with my original vision. Or better yet, is the original vision that got me started blogging in the first place still valid or does it need to be adjusted or changed in any way?

One of the most effective ways to judge what you’re really doing is to take a hard look at how you’re really spending your time.

Secondly, it is always good to take a look at all your websites and blogs in a fresh way. If you were a new visitor to your blog or site what would you actually see? Does it really reflect what you are trying to do?

Even more effective is to actually ask God for insight, inspiration, and vision—particularly if you are trying to do something in the way of ministry on the web or share your Christian witness with others.

After a week of prayer and evaluation, here are a few conclusions I have already come to:

1. After a ‘time’ evaluation I now realize that I have once more digressed into the bad habit of spending way too much time checking out and analyzing stats and getting caught up in all sorts of unnecessary tech issues and changes.

2. I now realize that I need to drop a political blog that I have been publishing under a nom de plume. It’s got great traffic, it’s been fun, and I’ve learned a lot. However, there is so much going on politically in this country right now that I have been spending more time on it than all my other blogs combined. Plus it was never part of the original vision that I believe the Lord gave me for ministry on the web.

3. I need to spend more time on this blog (Blogging Ministry) and on my two Bible study blogs. Also, my main blog –Answers For The Faith needs a slight change of direction.

I have found that it is always good to take some time out every once in a while to evaluate what you are doing and to make any necessary adjustments. I usually try to do that every three months or so. Also, I have found that following a Christian Web Conference is a particularly good time to do a major tune-up and a recommitment to a God given vision.


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