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Some Real Help in Blogging Video

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Last year I brought back Zemanta and Apture from the BlogWorld Expo. This year at the Expo I was introduced to two sites that really help in finding and putting up Video: Yubby and RedLasso.

1. Yubby allows you to find, collect, and publish videos from 30+ different video sites. First you search and find what you want. Second, Yubby gives you your own space—‘channel’–to save and collect your favorite videos in. Then finally you can publish the vids when you want on your blog.

2. RedLasso provides access to 1000’s of media news videos and more. Then provides you with the opportunity to edit, clip, and embed only that part of a video that you would like to share.

The raw news videos may contain minutes of extraneous material that you don’t need but maybe 30 seconds that you do want. RedLasso lets you edit out all the junk and makes it possible to share and embed just that part which is relevant for your blog. What a handy tool.

3. Also when it comes to video—don’t forget Apture. Apture can provide all sort of media including video for your posts –even after you have published them—check it out.

4. Don’t forget Tangle–it provides all sorts of ‘family friendly’ video for Christians. Also lots of other good stuff on their website—here’s a great vid to share about Jesus (3:19):

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