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-8 Questions to Think About if You Want to Start an Online Ministry

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Here’s something to think about if you are planning to start some kind of online ministry. A great article by Paul D. Watson found on his ministry blog-reaching the online generation: “Eight Questions for Starting an Online Ministry”

It is short, sweet and profound from someone who is majorly involved with starting and implementing online outreach ministries to different groups of people around the world—and taking it to the next level.

I actually heard Paul speak at the Christian Web Conference a couple of months ago on the subject- “Taking the Gospel to Every Online Segment” –it certainly opened my eyes to possibilities I never considered before and also some of the dangers since he had recently lost a number of his team church planters to martyrdom.

You are probably asking how someone involved in an online outreach ministry could be martyred. The answer of course is that a ministry online could eventually gain converts that need to be discipled in churches with a real actual physical presence in this case in a country that does not welcome Christian missionaries. Remember the Gospel is to be taken to every nation, people and group whether it is legally acceptable or not.

The Internet provides an opportunity to reach people all around the world in countries and places that are all but difficult to reach for a number of different reasons. Online ministries to unique groups of people can kick it all off and get it started and eventually you have churches being planted where they never have been before.

Take this article seriously if you are starting out. The 8 questions in the article come to you by the way of experience. Paul Watson and his group have started an untold number of different online ministries to reach the unreachable.

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  1. Michael Holmes November 30, 2009 6:12 am

    To be honest,

    Though the post was good I was expecting something more concrete. Like “in order to do this do x…y…and z.” But thanks for sharing.