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-Harris Poll of Online Use has Implications for Ministry

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Our computers
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This is an astounding figure and shows a dramatic increase of online use over the years. 80% of all adults in America go online and they average 13 hours a week according to a recent Harris Poll.

This has tremendous implications for ministry. Americans are increasingly spending larger portions of their waking hours online. It is important for churches and ministries to take this into account in planning their outreach ministries.

At the very least churches and ministries should make sure that their websites really reflect well on their organization. Also, real outreach and ministry can be done on the Internet and many churches and ministries are becoming involved with some kind of online outreach.

At the very least local churches could offer podcasts of their Sunday services and sermons or Bible studies online. There is way too junk occupying the Internet as it is. It really is time for churches and ministries to take the Internet more serious.

Hundreds of Millions of folks from every nation are online on any given day across the world. Remember the gospel is to go into all the world—every nation and people. The Internet provides the church with unique opportunities to simultaneously reach out to people in countries where missionaries aren’t even allowed to go and to touch families next door.           *Top

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