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-Any uses for the New Apple iPad for Ministry?

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John Saddington has an ‘open thread’ going on at his Church Crunch blog calling for ideas on how the new iPad might be used for ministry—check it out:

Open Thread: Apple iPad for Ministry?

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2 Comments so far
  1. Brett Peterson April 25, 2010 7:10 am

    On April 30th, you will find us camped out at the Apple store, ready to be among the first to get the 3g ipad. While waiting, we will be glad to answer any Bible questions you may have. Come by and see us! We believe the ipad will be the single best tool for ministry available!

    As an ‘out of church’ pastor, whose office is Starbucks, I do alot of witnessing and discussing theology with many people (and studying) in the community. Often, if my computer is with me and on, I can get people to watch a PowerPoint or a video I have on a subject they are interested in. If I have to get my computer, wait for it to boot up, etc., I usually loose them. To have a device I can have all my video resources (for example, a movie from Harvard medicine on the cell – it is amazing and shows that a cell is so complex it couldn’t have evolved), and all my notes, powerpoints, and Bible study tools, that you don’t have to wait for it to boot when you need to access the data and it is with you and doesn’t need to be plugged in due to the 10+ hour battery life (my laptop lasts about 30 minutes on battery), just as a tool that wil be with you and allows you to instantly access that data anywhere, anytime, without worrying about batterlife is HUGE. Check out our site where we will keep people posted on using the ipad for ministry: http://www.ipadstudies.net

    Can we make the ipad a true laptop replacement? We think we can. You can follow our progress on this site. There will be two of us making journal entries. The first is someone who is not computer literate and essentially will be using the ipad as their first piece of technology to manage their email, calendar, studies, presentations, and, well, life. The second person (that’s me) has substantial computer experience and have basically used every PDA, smart phone, droid, etc. that comes out. I am going to attempt to downsize and simplify my tech gadget life into the ipad and my cell phone. This should be a great journey!

  2. Steve Newcomb May 20, 2011 8:43 am

    There are lots of things going on with the iPad in ministry. Take a look at some at http://www.ipadinministry.com