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-Book Review: “Digging into WordPress”

Posted by | March 29, 2010 .

by Chris Coyier & Jeff Starr (Self Published, 2009, 400 pages) Self published and available in PDF form and as a ‘spiral bound’ book. The two authors really know what they are talking about when it comes to the WordPress blogging program. Good for beginners all the way through to advanced. Something for everybody. Best […]

-“10 Things Your Blog Doesn’t Need”

Posted by | March 24, 2010 .

Image by Vicki’s Pics via Flickr From DailyBlogTips– by guest writer Jill Smokler: “10 Things Your Blog Doesn’t Need” 1. Auto-Music 2. Animated Gifs 3. Tiny Type 4. Comment Verification 5. Spelling & Grammar Errors 6. Badges of prizes and awards you won 7. Regurgitated Content 8. Flashy Backgrounds 9. Lies 10. Plagiarism <<Read what […]

-Shaffer’s Top 100 Church Blogs + a Few More

Posted by | March 20, 2010 .

Here’s Kent Shaffer’s latest ranking of the:  “Top 100 Church Blogs” Take a look and get some ideas on how you may improve your own blog. I already subscribe to about half of these and find many of them to a great sources for topics, and  improvements. *Top

-New Blogger Template Designer

Posted by | March 14, 2010 .

(Image via CrunchBase) Blogger has offered the same old Templates for years, even after the Google takeover. While custom templates have always been available, the offering from the official Blogger site has always been extremely limited especially when it’s compared to TypePad or WordPress. Now there’s a new template designer tool from Blogger which offers […]

-5 Common Grammatical Mistakes That Make You Look Dumb!

Posted by | March 5, 2010 .

Image via Wikipedia Here’s a helpful guide to some common mistakes that I make every once in a while and you probably do to. Written by Brian Clark of Copyblogger: “Five Grammatical Errors that Make You Look Dumb” He lists five mistakes to avoid when blogging and writing web copy: 1. Your vs. You’re 2. […]