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-On GMO and Internet Evangelism

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Here’s some quotes in an article on Internet evangelism from Michelle Diedrich of Global Media Outreach(GMO), a branch of Campus Crusade for Christ:

"We are the first generation – ever – to hold in our hands the technology to give every person on earth multiple chances to accept Jesus Christ,"

"There is a lot of evil on the Internet, things that should not be there. When they seek, what are they going to find? If Christians aren’t there to help people find Jesus, what will they find? If that scares you a little bit, it probably should."

"when you use the Internet, throughout whatever device – laptop, Internet cafe, mobile phone – to share the Gospel. These are new opportunities to share Jesus. Churches can reach millions more."

Last year, "10 million Christ decisions were realized. So it’s huge and it’s growing."

"more people use the Internet than go to church. New thinking is required for outreach in the post-Christian age."

"This is only the beginning. We are just starting to touch the things that can be done. I think you’re going to see a huge explosion" in Internet evangelism.

Also here’s a quote in the article from one blogger- Amy Gross who is doing Internet ministry through GMO:

"As a mom, I have my blog and I can disciple people that way. But with Global Media Outreach, I can go on a mission trip every day. I don’t have to leave home. I don’t have to pack my suitcase. It’s a great way to serve. I can go to India in my pajamas, and I love that."

For more info on GMO and how to get involved: Global Media Outreach                *Top

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