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-Does Google Know You?

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How are you represented on the Internet? Does Google know you?

It is really important for a church, a ministry, an organization, or even an individual to do a search once in a while and find out what comes up about you on the Net. You might be surprised.

I was surprised one time when I ‘googled’ a church org that I’ve been part of for 20 years and found all sorts of negative misleading junk. Some of the stuff were down right lies.

Remember that the entries on first few Google search pages carry all sorts of implied authority whether they’re true or not. Plus the whole world may be reading it and taking it serious for better or worse. One way or another it is good to know. Especially if there is some negative info that needs to be addressed.

Here’s a good article to read on this subject by Phil Cooke: “Optimize Search Engines to Optimize Your Perception


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