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-WordPress 3.0: Upgrade and Initial Impressions

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WordPress 3.0 is suppose to be faster, leaner, meaner, and safer yet you can supposedly power one blog or 10 million from one installation. See the video tour above. However, when the opportunity came to upgrade my WordPress blogs on Thursday, I only did my ‘Testsite’ to see ‘what if’.

Re: Testsite

While we are at it, let me tell you about my ‘testsite’. I have a testsite blog that I use to see how new plugins, apps, and new themes work before I make changes on any of my regular blogs. The testsite is blocked from search engines even though it is on the Internet. It has been a real help over the years and has kept me from making fatal errors on any of my 10 WordPress blogs.

WordPress 3.0

The upgrade went well on the testsite so on Friday morning I began to upgrade all of my WP blogs from 2.92 to 3.0. This ended up being the fastest upgrade with the least trouble I have ever done. It was one click and Literally less than one minute per blog, what a surprise!

3.0 is a major update and in the past I have always experienced some kind of trouble in upgrading and was ready for a day of it. However, this went way faster than I anticipated. 10 blogs, 10 clicks, in 15 minutes and I was in blog heaven.

Initial Impressions

Everything is working so far so good. Usually with a major upgrade some of my plugins, themes, or apps end up giving me some trouble but so far this has not been the case though it is still early.

I really like the one click new feature that allows you to upgrade a number of plugins all at once. What a time saver with all of the new upgrades coming on line in response to the new version.  

The new notification and upgrade system in place for themes is great but also is a real pain if you have some themes that you are never going to use but have to upgrade just to clear the ‘upgrade’ note off the dashboard. I have found it just as easy to go to the theme menu and delete the unneeded theme rather than to upgrade something I’ll never use anyway.

Note that if it is a theme you are using, any upgrade could eliminate the custom changes that you have made to the theme. Fortunately, WP 3.0 reminds you of that fact before you click on theme upgrade button. A very useful notification and reminder indeed!

I will spend the weekend exploring some of the new features so maybe there will be more to come on the new WP 3.0.

Here’s a link to the WP info site on the new 3.0 version

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