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-Backing Up Your Blog or Website

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I have learned the hard way how important it is to backup your blog or website or even your computer for that matter.

What if tomorrow your blog or hosted website files were hacked into and were changed or destroyed what would you do? Or worse yet- what if your host went belly up and no longer existed flushing all of your blogging files (it has happened)?

Recently the hard drive on my laptop went down and I was sure glad that I had signed up for Carbonite two weeks before. I had all sorts of files and the backups for my blogs and websites on that computer and I would have lost a bunch of stuff that would have been impossible to replace.

After my computer geek son put in a new drive I was able to successfully retrieve it all from Carbonite.com with virtually one click.

On another occasion hackers broke into my hosted blog files and set up some websites of their own at my expense. Since I had it all backed up I was able to transfer all of my blogging files to a new hosting site and flush the old one including 100’s if not 1,000 of business and whatever sites that a bunch of Romanian and Russian hackers had placed there.

That was a few years ago and now there are all sorts of new sites that make automatic backups of your websites and blogs much easier than it used to be. Here is an article from Blogging Pro reviewing some of the current free or inexpensive options:

3 FREE (Or Cheap) Ways To Safely Back Up Your Blog


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