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-Blogging: Things to Never Do!

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Here’s a link to an article by Andrew G. Rosen of Blogging Pro:

“5 Things to NEVER Do on Your Blog”

I found these 3 particularly helpful for Christian blogs:

1. NEVER publish a blog when you’re angry.

Particularly good advise for Christian sites where you are hoping to witness to others about the love and grace of God through his Son Jesus.

2. NEVER tell your employer you have a blog.

Particularly if you have a secular job and blogging is part of your private religious life and done on your own personal time. Exception: If you are in fulltime ministry than it should be known since it is an extension of your ministry.

3. NEVER forget to include a link back to your own blog within each post.

This helps keep your posts from being stolen by scrubbers and helps you find them if they are. Also internal links actually help to increase your blog rating at least slightly.

Here’s one that I would add:

Never publish a comment when you’re angry.

Particularly if your identified as a Christian blog. Been there and done that when someone came aboard and made some stupid insane comment and then I responded in kind only to have to change it the next day when I realized that it wasn’t very kind at all and set a bad tone and example.

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