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-Links: Not All Links are Created Equal

Posted by | October 27, 2010 .

One of the ways to increase traffic to your site is to increase the authority and search results from Google and others. Genuine links to your site are helpful in this process. However gone are the days when ‘just any old link’ will do, and some can get you in trouble with Google and actually […]

-Internet Users Will Exceed 2 Billion in 2010

Posted by | October 19, 2010 .

(Image by EraPhernalia Vintage via Flickr) According to a United Nations agency (released today -Tues.10/19/10) the number of Internet users will surpass two billion this year to nearly one third of the world population. The greatest increases and impact have come from developing countries with 162 million new Internet users this year. The forecast is […]

-BlogWorld and New media Expo 2010

Posted by | October 15, 2010 .

I am attending the BlogWorld Expo in Las Vegas today (Fri. 10/15) A great time to meet new people, see old friends, find new programs and apps. and re-evaluate everything you are doing online. Its like on big ‘Time-out’. The day started with a ‘key note’ discussion about how blogs and new media are affecting […]

-Social Networking from the Cradle to the Grave?

Posted by | October 10, 2010 .

Image via Wikipedia According to AVG, the Internet security firm, nearly 92% of children in the U.S have some type of online presence by the time they reach just 2 years of age. The young children either show up in articles and pictures in their mothers social net page or they have their very own […]

-Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem Today

Posted by | October 3, 2010 .

Today is the Global Day of Prayer for the Peace of Jerusalem. Join with millions of Christians around the world today praying for the peace of Jerusalem.