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-Internet Users Will Exceed 2 Billion in 2010

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Happy Earth Day, Big Blue Marble!

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According to a United Nations agency (released today -Tues.10/19/10) the number of Internet users will surpass two billion this year to nearly one third of the world population.

The greatest increases and impact have come from developing countries with 162 million new Internet users this year. The forecast is that Internet usage will continue to increase exponentially in the future till every country and nation is touched and affected in a major way.

Implications for the Gospel

The rise of the Internet is similar to other world changing events in the past like the invention of the printing press, the Reformation, the discovery of America, and the Industrial Age. It is causing a major paradigm shift all across the world and bringing every nation closer together for better or worse.

When some little known pastor of a tiny church in Florida says that he is going to burn a Quran folks in the caves of remote Afghanistan hear about it and respond.

On the positive side, the Internet has opened up every nation to the Gospel, even places that do not allow Christian missionaries. The time is coming when every nation will hear one way or another about Jesus. No government can really stop it now.

This is big time and similar to the first century when the Roman roads and the universal Greek language made it possible for Christianity to spread across the known world in one generation.             *Top

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