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-Blogging Demographics

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From Sysomos Inc.: “Inside Blog Demographics”

They analyzed more than 100 million blog posts to come up with demographical info on bloggers- their age, gender, and location.



The largest group of active bloggers are young folks who grew up during the blogging "revolution", which started about seven years ago. Over half of the Bloggers (53.3%) are 21-to-35 years old. Followed by over 20% in the under 21 age group. Those who are ‘senior citizens’ like myself only account for 7.1%:

  • ≤ 20 years (20.2%)
  • 21-35 yrs (53.3)
  • 36-50 yrs (19.4)
  • ≥51 yrs (7.1)



    The gender of active bloggers is pretty close to even:


      Male@ 49.1%

      Female@ 50.9%


      The USA by far has the largest group of bloggers distantly followed by the UK:

      • U.S. (29.2%)
      • U.K. (6.75%)
      • Japan (4.9%)
      • Brazil (4.2%)
      • Canada (3.9%)
      • Germany (3.3%)
      • Italy (3.2%)
      • Spain (3.1%)
      • France (2.9%)
      • Russia (2.3%)
      • Australia (2.22%)
      • India (2.14%)
      • Sweden (2.05%)
      • Malaysia (1.7%)
      • Netherlands (1.69%)

      Within the USA, California (14.1%) is home to the largest group followed by New York (7.16%).

      Response: Demographics like this are always helpful in seeing the potential for reaching folks for business or for the Gospel. It helps to define the possible audience that might be part of a blog readership and blogging community.

      I for one was really shocked to see that so few in the ‘senior’ category were actually participating. The demographics really tell us we need to take into account that we may be writing for a much younger audience and references that may mean something to someone like myself who is over sixty may have little or no meaning.

      For example if I make a passing reference to a character in a 50’s TV show like Leave it to Beaver many of those younger folks reading my blog may have no idea what I am talking about- a total disconnect.

      Similarly if one is blogging about California and the USA but the audience for ones blog is substantially international than further explanations might be in order for all of your readers to fully understand what you are blogging about. 

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