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-Mobile Phone Revolution: Reaching the Unreachable

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Personal Handy-phone System mobiles and modems...

                           (Mobile Phones –Wikipedia)

We have written about how the Internet is a new ‘Roman Road’ making it possible to reach the ‘unreachable’ all around the world. In the first century the roman roads made it possible for Christianity to spread quickly around the known world. Not only that but English is the dominant language (the new Greek) and many people around the world are becoming literate in it through its use on the Internet and in new media.

Even more incredible is the mobile (cell) phone revolution that is spreading to every nation on earth like wild fire. There are already over 5 Billion phones in use. This is really astounding when you consider that there are 6.5 Billion people on earth. More and more these mobile devices are being used to access the Internet. There are predictions already out there that within a couple of years mobile phone and mobile devices will overtake PC’s as the primary tools used to access the Internet.

Implications For Evangelism

Already there are Christian groups that are responding to folks around the world using mobile devices and spreading the Gospel to heretofore ‘unreachable’ people. Read this detailed article by Keith Williams and Leith Gray about what is currently going on and the plans for the future. Pretty incredible:

The Little Phone That Could: Mobile-Empowered Ministry”  

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2 Comments so far
  1. Dan November 30, 2010 3:53 am

    I wrote a paper on the use of ministry apps for evangelism in Japan for a seminary class. I truly do believe that the cell phones hold a key component for the future of ministry. The church needs good programmers, writers, and other developers to move this forward.

  2. Dr.D December 1, 2010 6:27 am

    Thanks Dan,
    I Appreciate your comments. Its good to see that folks are already on this.