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-January: A Good Time for A Tune-up?

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When the first of the year rolls around it is always a good time to take a breath and evaluate how everything is working on your blog and whether or not a change of some sort is in order. Maybe your site is beginning to look rather stale and needs an update? This is always rather subjective and change just for the sake of change is never a good idea. Your readers get use to the way your blog looks and how it is organized and some features may even be part of its identity so care should always be taken to retain at least some important characteristics even if radical change is in order.

Sometimes program and browser updates force you to make major changes even if you don’t want to.

I have all of the major browsers on my computer in order to check out what all of my blogs look like on each. I can remember the first time I discovered the importance of that when my daughter who has a Mac came to me and said that one of my blogs didn’t look right. Sure enough on ‘Safari’ it did look rather horrible with the main article starting in 1/2 a page down instead of at the top. Obviously it needed to be tweaked. Since then I have gotten into a habit of checking out all of my blogs after any of the major browsers go through an update.

Lately the WordPress blogging program has been going through some major updates. I checked all of my WP blogs after putting up 3.0 and found no problems at the time. However after the 3.03 update one of the major plugins I was using stopped working right on some of my blogs and I ended up with the dreaded ‘white out’ page till I deactivated it. Then with the recent 3.04 one of my blogs no longer will call up the site pages and you end up with a 404 instead. Obviously a major change is in order and a new WP theme will need to be installed on that site.

Now comes the problem. I want to maintain the looks and organization of the current theme so will need to find an updated one that can support the same features. Meanwhile the site is not working right and immediate measures are in order. Maybe I will have to put up working temporary theme till I get a new one fully developed and tweaked.

Nevertheless, January is a great time for a blog tune-up and even for major changes. Somehow everyone is primed and ready for changes this time of the year.

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