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-Online Integrity and Credibility?

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Integrity and credibility are two issues that everyone online are going to be involved with one way or another. Whether you are writing a blog, publishing a website, or just reading and commenting. For the Christian blogger or social networker it should be absolutely crucial and obvious.

We really should be asking ourselves before we hit the ‘publish’ or ‘send’ button –How will this reflect upon who I say I am. If I am presenting myself as a Christian does it reflect favorably on Christianity or the church? Is this article, comment, or observation really reflective of what I want to do and be Online?

After all, if your sites are any thing like mine, folks from nearly every country on the face of the earth and from nearly every culture and religion have stopped by and visited one time or another. If you are styled as some kind of ‘Christian’ site does it reflect the testimony that you would like to bare to the world?

Interesting enough, I have been mistreated, badmouthed, slimed, and berated far more often by fellow Christians than by any secular or foreign folks I may dialogue with.

Can’t tell you how many times a day my busiest blog is actually ‘spammed’ by other Christians who drop in links to their site or articles of their own in the comment line and wonder why they never see the light of day on my blog.  It would be one thing if it was an actual response to the article but it seldom is. Maybe some keyword in the article triggers it all. Amazing!

What are they thinking?

Then there is those occasions where I find that entire articles have been lifted off my blog and find their way onto another ‘Christian’ website with no attribution at all. Where is the Integrity there. It is somewhat flattering in a backhanded way. I have actually had a brother respond rather indignantly to the suggestion that it should be at least attributed or linked.

Then there are those sites that slander famous pastors and preachers. There’s an incredible mega-church 3 blocks from my house in Lake Forest. I am utterly amazed how many sites and articles that I have run across on the web libeling and obviously misquoting and taking that famous pastor entirely out of context. It is ridiculous. If he had said a tenth of what is attributed to him he would have been kicked out of the Southern Baptist Convention long time ago.

Also don’t bother commenting on a site like that and trying to correct some of the ‘misquotes’ that you know the truth about. Those folks don’t really seem to want the truth and actually resent it.

Sometimes I wonder what some Muslim from Yemen or Buddhist from India must think about reading sites where Christians are battling over dirty laundry. A negative testimony for sure?

Point is, we really should be more careful Online and reflect the integrity and the credibility of our faith. Since we are reaching a global audience we should be more aware of that reality and how it reflects upon Christianity and our Lord.

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