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-Did You ever Consider Quitting?

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Did you ever consider quitting?

Several have asked me that question over the years –especially since my 5 year anniversary. The answer is:


Not only that, I have quit.

I haven’t quit blogging per se but I did shut down one blog that was actually pretty successful and satisfying personally to boot. However it was consuming a great amount of my time and efforts to the detriment of some of my other more important sites.

It was a political blog authored under a nom de plume and it became one of my greatest successes if you measure only traffic, subscribers, and notoriety. However it was taking precious time away from my blogging ministry and it satisfied none of my goals and reasons for blogging in the first place.

So yes I have quit –one political blog.

However I have never in 5 years considered quitting blogging because I have a strong faith and conviction that God called me into blogging as a ministry in the first place and it would take another strong calling by the Holy Spirit to take me out of it.

Here’s another good article on this subject from an entirely different perspective from Problogger.net: “Is it Time to Quit Blogging?


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