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-The Daunting and Haunting Task of Proofreading

Posted by | July 30, 2011 .

(Image by Dan Patterson via Flickr) Proofreading is probably a writer’s least favorite task. It is also quite necessary, entirely expected, and all of the ‘rewards’ are negative at best. What makes it particularly daunting and haunting is the obvious fact that all of us fail at it occasionally no matter how many times we […]

-What is Google ‘Panda’ Looking For?

Posted by | July 21, 2011 .

First of all you may be asking- What the heck is ‘Google Panda’ anyway? It certainly is a question I asked when I first came across a reference to it. ‘Panda’ is the name assigned to Google’s latest algorithm. The program that rates everything on the web and determines what gets linked to and decides […]

-Having and Using Multiple Email Addresses

Posted by | July 10, 2011 .

Image via CrunchBase Practically everyone and everything demands an email address from you these days. Purchase flowers online, book a room or a flight, to access a news site, set up a blog, join a social network, download a new program, leave a comment on a website, or keep in touch with family or friends. […]