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-Ten Common Grammar Errors That Plague The Web

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Punctuation Cookies For National Punctuation Day

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I know that I have broken some of these basic rules in grammar dozens of times while writing on the Web in the last six years. It occurs to me that if I could use a quick refresher in this area then maybe some of you might benefit from it also.

Here’s an article by Robin Nobles listing 10 of the most common grammar errors made on the Web:

Top Ten Grammar Errors that Haunt Web Pages

  1. it’s = it is
  2. Web site (or page) vs. web site/page vs. Website/website (page)
  3. Periods and commas: do they go inside or outside of quotation marks, or does it depend on the sentence?
  4. E-mail vs. email, plus what is the plural of e-mail?
  5. SEOs or SEO’s
  6. Spelling spot check
  7. Hyphens
  8. Additional spot check
  9. Singular vs. plural
  10. Commas

Follow the link and take a look at the explanation for each of these common errors. Examples of ‘correct’ and ‘incorrect’ usage are included.            *Top

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