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-3 Basic Rules for Bloggers

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Blogging Readiness

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Searching the internet tonight I came across a very helpful article listing 3 basic rules all bloggers need to pay attention to:

The 3 Things You Need to Learn About Blogging

Here’s what BloggingPro writer James Dunaway has at the top of his list as far as blogging essentials:

1. Learn SEO

2. Respect Online Reputation

3. Write by heart

Read what he has to say about each.

Writing by heart’ or from the heart is the single best advice that I have ever come across in any article about blogging. If you don’t have some interest or passion about what you are writing about, you can’t expect any of your readers to find anything interesting about what you have to say.

Sometimes I get the impression that some bloggers put a post up on an event or issue merely because it happens to be going viral at the time, not necessarily because they care about it one way or another. If you don’t really care it will show and searchers will bounce out of your post before the end of the second paragraph if not before.            *Top

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