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-Improving the ‘Bounce rate’ on Your Blog

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One of the ways that blogs can be evaluated is the ‘Bounce rate’.

Any of you who have Google Analytics installed on your blog already know what this is all about. The bounce rate is the percentage of visitors to your site which read only one post and bounce away without looking at another page or article. The smaller the percentage the better –at least below 50%, 30-40% better, with 20-25% more like it and less even best.

1. The easiest way to improve the bounce rate is to add a plugin that automatically produces links to ‘Related Posts’ at the end of every article you post. It gives your readers options for more articles to read on your blog.

2. Another good tool is to have a ‘Popular Posts’ Plugin that will produce a widget prominently displayed at the top of your blog like this site or in the sidebar. It introduces new readers to your best ‘blasts from the past’ and provides them again with new reasons to stick around.

3. You could also provide links in your sidebar or make your own widgets to publicize any series or to list your best posts on a particular subject.

4. One of the best ways to ensure that readers stick around for a while is to provide internal links within the post itself to past articles containing important or related info. This one takes a little more time but the rewards are worth it.

5. The single best way to encourage visitors to stick around is to improve the load time. If a post takes too long to load (15 seconds or more) than chances are your readers will not take the time to load a second page. Website caching programs or plugins are a great help in this area. Here’s several posts with help on the loading issue:

-10 Ways to make Your WordPress Blog Faster 

-The Importance of Browser Checks 

-WordPress: What’s the best Caching Plugin? 

-Re: WordPress Plugins—What I’ve discovered (Some make the blog slower)

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