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-How a Christian Should Be Responding Online

Posted by | February 26, 2012 .

     (Image via Wikipedia) One of my greatest joys are the friends that I have made online all around the world in the last six years. However, one of my greatest disappointments is how some of my supposed brothers and sisters in Christ have treated me sometimes over very small points of disagreement. At least […]

-Free Jesus App?

Posted by | February 18, 2012 .

  LOL. Actually this is not that far off the mark! There are a number of ministries offering free apps for mobile devises with the Bible in most of the major languages plus teaching on every book of the Bible. It is a wonderful way for folks to secretly read the Bible and receive valuable […]

-To Date or Not to Date

Posted by | February 2, 2012 .

  (February 2012 (Photo:Carol Browne) I don’t know if you have noticed or not but some of the most successful blogs on the Internet no longer date their posts –Copyblogger for one. Why? Blogs that have dropped the traditional dating have found that their older posts are now getting read at a greater frequency, the […]